Friday, March 14, 2014

Graphic 45 2014 Design Team Audition

This year has begun with perhaps a little more magic than last year. Because of this (and some nudging from a good friend), I've decided to try out for Graphic 45's 2014 Design Team. I've been uber busy getting ready for this - fingers all stuck together, with paint covered hands that has been more fun than it probably should have been. The following are some projects I've created that I believe show off my creativity and imagination.

1. Spell in a Box 

I re-purposed an earring box into a small box with which the contents can be used to cast the tiniest of spells. 

2. Fairy on a Bicycle Shrine Box

I found a wee bicycle that needed a rider.

3. Steampunk Framed Art Piece

Steampunk paper bits and bobs paired together for a small art piece.

4. Love Spell Shrine

Handmade miniature books and handmade polymer clay skulls top off this purple and black shrine. The bottom is covered with Woodland Scenic lavender flowers.

5. Lady Pennybottoms Book of Spells

This tag album featuring Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells bits and bobs is packed full of fussy-cut bits of fun.

6. Hand bound "Goblins Grimoire" book

Stitched and glued, painted and doodled - this tiny little thing is made to be held by Goblin hands only.

7. Typography Shadow Box

Using Graphic 45's Typography collection as well as a plethora of found objects, this shadow box now proudly sits on a shelf in our den.

8. Tiny Dollhouse Spellbook

This project won the Best of Craftster 2013 award. I've got a full tutorial posted on my blog and on Craftster on how to make one.


  1. Yay! Good luck :) Your projects are chocked full of magic!

  2. Jessica, so much goodness! Your shrines, and spells boxes, and spells book are so wonderfully whimsical. I would have to agree with Nichola your projects are magical. Thank you for auditioning for the Graphic 45 Design Team. -Charee